is reinventing the human-to-computer experience.

Text editors are used by every single computer user. It’s familiar, natural, intuitive, and empowers users to express themselves freely. reimagines the simple, static word document into a living, colorful story that turns ideas into magic; resulting in real-world tools, apps, workflows, and automations that can be written and read by everyone.

Authors share their ideas in our familiar document. As they do this, the document understands the authors intentions by coloring in the words to communicate comprehension. The document comes to life in full color, depth, and meaning, like a painting that moves feelings, but in this case moves data, creates applications, and automates tasks. The result of this collaborative conversation is a document in the same native, natural language of the author; such as English, French, or Japanese. In other words: Natural language in, natural language out. For the first time, we have sophisticated programs fully written and read in the authors native language.

Our mission is to reinvent the word document into a living document that has conversations with the author with the power to connect the world around them. Everyone and every job, has a unique story of how data flows between people, systems, and our environment. The power of creating will grow from the hands of the few technically savvy into the hands of every-single computer user; accessible and natural to all.


David Helgason

Founder of Unity

Alex MacCaw

Founder of ClearBit

Quinn Slack

Founder of Sourcegraph

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen

VP of Engineering at Oracle
Founder of Werker
and others from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Datadog, and GitHub.


Steve Peak


Cole Lawrence

Head of Product

Will Martin

Head of Engineering

Dylan Ancel

Software Engineer

Tildem Lok


Ayda Oz

Ever since I was a child, I believed computers would be more a collaborative, conversational experience. is our masterpiece at changing the relationship between creators and computers. Ambitious and bold, nearly impossible but absolutely necessary — challenge accepted.
Steve Peak